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Square English Cutting Garden Medley Cushion with Piping


Bertioli patterns are hand painted by Caryn Hibbert. Unashamedly boisterous, happy and wonderfully floriferous each of our patterns are inspired by the linear rows, as they grow in our cutting gardens.

Duck feather cushion pad included.

Duck Feather-聽European duck feathers are ethically sourced and fully traceable right back to the farm, to ensure the humane treatment of birds,聽protection of human rights and environmental impact throughout procurement with the whole process being audited and certified.

Size : 45cm x 45cm

About Our English Cutting Garden at Thyme聽

Our cutting gardens sit adjacent to the water meadows where the soil is rich and fertile, they are a wonderful source of flowers and foliage throughout most of the year.

Flowers are best harvested in the cool of an early morning, as mists and bird song rise over the river we gather armfuls of seasonal blooms, plunging the stems into buckets of cold water. In wheel barrows they are bought to the flower room where shaded rest and a long quenching drink ensures they are in the best condition possible before being arranged into vases of all shapes and sizes.

From small table posies to huge voluptuous arrangements the air is filled with the fresh green scent of verdant leaves, sappy stems and all manner of fragrant blooms.

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