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Bertioli Beauty

Rooted in a love of nature and a belief in the beauty of simplicity, our everyday bathing and breathing products harness the healing power of breath and scent to nourish mind, body and planet.

Luxurious and effective they are a simple and elegant solution for everyday bathing, eliminating throwaway plastic and significantly reducing our personal carbon footprint. 

Each product is enriched with healing and fragrant essential oils that inspire deep breathing, instilling calm and elevating mood. 

Through our scents and stories, we transport you to wonderful places, immerse you in nature and inspire a love of the wild.

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Beauty for the mind, body & planet


Inspired by wild spaces and their fragrant botanicals, we have created healing scents of nature that capture and embody natures very essence.


Rich in botanical essential oils beneficial to respiratory health our scents transport you to and immerse you in nature, acting as a focus for both your thoughts and your breathing.


The effects of conscious diaphragmatic breathing on our wellbeing are profound, empowering and well established in scientific principals – switching off your stress response and harnessing your body’s innate ability to heal itself.


Scents of nature in turn provide a deeper connection to and engagement with the natural world inspiring us to take action to protect and conserve it, empowered  by the knowledge that in nurturing nature, we nurture ourselves. 

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