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    The Science of Breathing

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    Our products are designed to integrate conscious breathing into both daily rituals as well as mediative exercises.

    Daily Rituals

    Anytime, anyplace

    Take a small pea sized scoop of our Breathing Balm and rub into your inner wrists. Also massage into your upper chest to quietly inhale deeply and instil calm and focus.

    While you bathe

    Bathing is a daily ritual, a time in your day to take a peaceful moment, pause, breathe and enjoy our scents of nature. Our 3-in-1 hair and body bar is enriched with healing rivermint essential oils to promote deep breathing.

    Steam inhalation

    For an intense treatment add a healthy, marble sized scoop of breathing balm to a bowl steaming water. Lean over the steam, covering you head with towel and breathe deeply.

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