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A mother and daughter team, Bertioli is the sibling brand of Thyme.
Inspired by nature, we design simple, beautiful products for everyday living, that inspire a connection to the land and nourish both people and planet.

Each of our patterns or scents is emblematic of botanicals that flourish in nature-rich habitats.
Rooted in a place, they are designed to transport you there, a source of constant inspiration. Habitats such as woodland and water meadow thread through to create collections that celebrate the nature we cherish 鈥 from the rolling Cotswold hills that envelop Thyme, situated in the heart of an area of outstanding natural beauty, to wild spaces in far-flung corners of the world.

A Love of the Wild
Driven by a love of the natural world, our mission is to reconnect people to nature, protect wild spaces and inspire living in harmony with the natural world. Proudly part of 鈥1% For The Planet鈥, Bertioli by Thyme is committed to donating 1% of revenue to environmental causes.

Scents of Nature
Rooted in a love of nature and a belief in the beauty of simplicity, our everyday bathing and breathing products harness the healing power of breath and scent to nourish mind, body and planet.

Nature - Inspired by wild spaces and their fragrant botanicals, we have created healing scents of nature that capture and embody nature鈥檚 very essence.

- Rich in botanical essential oils beneficial to respiratory health our scents transport you to and immerse you in nature, acting as a focus for both your thoughts and your breathing.

Breath - The effects of conscious diaphragmatic breathing on our wellbeing are profound, empowering and well established in scientific principles 鈥 switching off your stress response and harnessing your body鈥檚 innate ability to heal itself.

Simplicity 鈥 Scents of nature in turn provide a deeper connection to and engagement with the natural world inspiring us to take action to protect and conserve it, empowered by the knowledge that in nurturing nature, we nurture ourselves.