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At the heart of Thyme is thoughtful and conscious living, this is reflected in every aspect of our retail. Our products are made by and sourced from craftspeople the world over and we are committed to ensure we conduct business responsibly, value-led and in line with our 鈥楻ules of Engagement鈥.

One : Sustainable

When it comes to being sustainable, we have two core goals: causing minimal impact and minimal waste. Every aspect of our retail works to this principle: our products are made to last, using carefully sourced materials with minimal wastage. We are mindful of the whole value chain of the products taking into account the origin of raw materials through the manufacturing process and finishing with the consumer and end of use.

We endeavor to have transparency throughout and are aware there are always areas for improvement. Following education and guidance from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) starting with Sustainable Consumption and Production, we are open to learning best practices to follow. We pass these onto our supply chains to build a community who care about the planet and the impact we have.

This manifests itself in XXX core areas:

1. Packaging

Our products are packaged lightly in recycled materials and all our packaging is recyclable and / or reusable.

The aesthetic is minimalist to keep production down to a minimum. The little printing we do, is using water based dyes or recyclable foils.

Plastics in the supply chain 鈥 we design plastic packaging out of our supply chain to eradicate the need for it entirely.

路 Eliminate unnecessary and problematic plastic packaging through redesign and innovation

路 Move from single-use to reuse where relevant

路 Ensure all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable

路 Increase the reuse, collection, and recycling or composting of plastic packaging

路 Increase recycled content in plastic packaging

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to remove all non-recyclable or reusable packaging from the products they send to us.

Two : Transparent

Ensuring our supply chain is transparent is of the utmost importance and we work with our suppliers and makers to ensure we fully understand their supply chain, as well as meticulously planning our own. This also includes working to industry best practice sourcing standards such as Oeko-Tex, Sedex and Reach.

We work to increase the traceability of materials from their source to ensure impacts are minimal.

Three : Inclusive & Fair

Ethical trading and sourcing, investing in craftspeople and industry

Empowering and inspiring

Four : Product Excellence

All our products are crafted and manufactured to the highest quality to ensure they are beautiful, functional and endure the test of time.

1% for the planet needs to be mentioned