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With a love of nature and its depiction in fashion’s floral prints, Caryn creates illustrations inspired by the rich botanicals around Thyme.

Transcending seasons and trends, the pieces are designed to last and be truly versatile, moving effortlessly between day and night, from loungewear to eveningwear, from Bloody Marys to martinis.


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Wild Rose

Our Wild Rose print is based upon the many wild roses that scramble through the hedgerows on the farm at Thyme. We have a number of Dog Roses (Rosa Canina) and these are what have inspired this lively print.

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Many Ferns thrive is the dappled light of shady woodland glades. Being both beautifully decorative and purifying for the air around, ferns are scattered abundantly in the indoor spaces at Thyme!

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Pink Rose

Inspired by one of the many roses that grows in the gardens at Southrop Manor, our Pink Rose print depicts a deliciously fragrant, single petalled bloom, descended from a wild rose.

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