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The Complete Bertioli Breathing & Bathing Collection

The Complete Bertioli Breathing & Bathing Collection


From our hero breathing balm , hair & body cleansers to our double wick scented candle, the complete breathing and bathing collection is the ultimate gift for the loved one who would like to slow down and re-connect with nature. 

Our products, inspired by the Water Meadows at Thyme, will transport you to wild spaces and immerse you in the scents of nature. 

Luxurious and effective, our collection offers a simple and elegant solution to every day bathing, eliminating throwaway plastic and significantly reducing our personal carbon footprint.

The complete gift set includes:

- 3 in 1 Hair & Body Bar

- Super Conditioning bar

- Felt Bar Saver Pouch

- Felt Wash Mitt 

- 100ml Breathing Balm

- Hand and Body Wash 

- Hand and Body Lotion 

- x2 Pumps

- Large Double wick Candle 

- 100g Bath Salts