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Primrose Linen Table Cloth
Primrose Linen Table Cloth

Primrose Linen Table Cloth


Designed in collaboration with Rêve En Vert and In celebration of the Earth Hour.

The wild primrose print is a celebration of the simple beauty of these humble flowers. The modest and delicate pale-yellow flower of the wild English primrose is one of the first flowers of spring. They spread themselves freely and generously, informing us the winter days are over and warmer times lie ahead

Hand painted by our Founder and Creative Director, Caryn Hibbert, all of our original prints depict the flora and fauna that inhabit Thyme’s garden, farm and wild spaces. The prints are then repeated by her husband, Jerry, before being scaled by our expert team in Lithuania onto beautiful, washed European linen. 

The Primrose tablecloths are 160cm in width and come in three lengths: 260cm, 320cm and 380cm. They are 100% washed European linen. 

40 degree wash, no steam, do not bleach