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Hellebore Leaves Linen Placemat
Hellebore Leaves Linen Placemat

Hellebore Leaves Linen Placemat


Typically growing on the edge of woodland areas, hellebores are early bloomers, flowering from January to May. Rich in nectar and pollen, hellebore flowers offer fuel stops for early pollinators. Their downward facing flowers providing shelter to visiting bumblebees from winter rain. The leaves of the hellebore are bold and evergreen, and as decorative as their magnificent flowers.

Throughout the festive season, they are wonderful potted decorations on tables and windowsills. 

Hand painted by our Founder and Creative Director, Caryn Hibbert, all of our original prints depict the flora and fauna that inhabit Thyme’s garden, farm and wild spaces. The prints are then repeated by her husband, Jerry, before being scaled by our expert team in Lithuania onto beautiful, washed European linen. 

Our placemats are 32cm x 47cm in 100% washed European linen. 

40 degree wash, no steam, do not bleach.