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Water Meadow Candle - 300g

Water Meadow Candle - 300g


Bertioli Beauty 

Rooted in a love of nature and a belief in the beauty of simplicity, our everyday bathing and breathing products harness the healing power of breath and scent to nourish mind, body, and planet.

Enriched with healing botanical essential oils of water mint, English apple blossom and thyme, our double wick scented candle fills a room with this aromatic, heady scent, instantly transporting you to the abuntantly rich water meadows of Thyme. 65 hours burn time.

FORMULA - Made from sustainable soy and rapeseed wax

INGREDIENTS - 100% plant based and vegan. Hexyl cinnamal, L-carvone, Hexyl Salicylate, 37-Dimethyl-1, 6-Octadien-3-ol, Tran-p-menthan-3-one, 2,4-Dimethyl-3-cy-clohexene Carboxhldehyde, Tetrahydrolinalol