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Silk Headband in Wild Rose
Silk Headband in Wild Rose

Silk Headband in Wild Rose


This Headband is handmade from the offcuts of our silk fabric to minimise waste and offer a beautiful stylish hairband. 

Transcending seasons and trends, the pieces are designed to last and be truly versatile, moving effortlessly between day and night, from loungewear to eveningwear, from Bloody Marys to martinis.

Bertioli by Thyme is Thyme’s daughter brand encompassing the product ranges that Thyme have designed and made themselves; covering an array of categories including printed silkwear.

Hand Painted by Thyme’s Founder and Creative Director, Caryn Hibbert, all of the original prints depict the flora that inhabit Thyme’s garden, farm and wild spaces.

100% Indian Silk

Made in India.